cinderella bouncer



Cinderella Module 15’ x 15’ Value Line Bouncer. Up to 10 kids can bounce at one time depending on size & age. Requires a minimum 20’ x 20’ area on flat ground with easy access, adequate height clearance (13’) and adequate clearance from all utilities. A dedicated 110 volt 20 amp ground fault outlet (your house will most likely have this!) within 100 ft of the blower which must remain on while the bouncer is in use. Bouncer is normally set up on grass/lawn but can be set up on a hard surface for an additional charge. We can set up inside if the space will allow. We must be notified of the set up surface and or space measurements at the time of reservation or we will arrive prepared only to set up on grass outside. Extra charge applies if we must bring bouncer up stairs and is based on difficulty of installation. Actual unit has front step.
All users must remove shoes and wear socks. Please see FAQ-Policies page for more details

Please visit the Price List page for rental pricing info.

The manufacture has listed a minimum age and height restrictions for this bouncer as follows:
Min.age : 3 years old
Min. Height : 36 inches
Max.Height : 70 inches