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K.E.C. Party Rentals

East Longmeadow, MA          Enfield, CT

We here at K.E.C. Party Rentals understand the importance of staying safe in these trying times. We have taken classes to be certified specifically for sanitization of our rental offerings against the COVID-19 virus. We will use all of the procedures and cleaning products set forth in the guidelines for this sanitization process. In fact we are double sanitizing, cleaning them twice, once at the warehouse and then again at delivery! Although our brick & mortar business is closed to the public, we can still deliver to you with contactless delivery. The details can be taken care of over the phone.

We in no way encourage you to have a big event, this is for you to
give your kids something to do while in quarantine. So, we are offering a three-day rental for the price of one day. We will deliver on Friday
and pick up on Monday.

We want all of our customers to stay safe through this pandemic
while at the same time needing a little respite from it. As always
we will continue to stay on top of any and all procedures for our customers to stay safe!


K.E.C. Party Rentals

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