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• Can I pay with a check?
 If there is a balance due upon delivery,we accept cash at delivery time only unless you have provided an approved  purchase order or have a pre approved business or organization check. Please note that our drivers do not carry change. Payment is due when the crew arrives before set up. Please call the office at least 2 days prior if you wish to pay balance on credit card (unless you indicated to us verbally or on the order form that you wish the balance on the card.

Does K E C Party Rentals have insurance?
YES, K E C Party Rentals is fully insured with a liability insurance policy. A copy of our insurance binder is available upon request. A service charge applies to those wishing to be named additional insured. A fee is due and payable once any certificate is requested whether or not the rental occurs. A $25 fee is due for proof of insurance certificates if the rental is canceled.


How much room do I need?
20’ feet by 20' area should be plenty of room for a standard bouncer, other units require more space. The area should be level, free of rocks and sticks and away from safety hazards. Any in ground sprinkler systems should be shut off and not protruding. Every inflatable has different space requirements; many are listed on the web page that contains the large size picture of the unit. Please call if you have any questions.

Who sets up the inflatables?
We set up the bounce and take it down when we come to pick it up. If there are any large hills we may ask you for a bit of help to go up the hill with our hand truck.
We ask that if you are done with the unit and wish to shut down the blower that you leave the unit plugged in. We must inflate the unit before it is removed so that we can inspect and do a preliminary cleaning of the bounce. We now also offer a customer pick up program for select units. See customer pick up program for details.

How does the inflatable unit stay inflated?
We setup the unit and inflate the bouncer with a fully enclosed blower motor unit that must stay on the entire time the bounce unit is being used. The design of the blower is such that no moving parts are exposed. This is a very important safety feature that you should take into account whenever considering a rental. The blower unit must be located within 100 feet of an electrical outlet. The electrical outlet must be a GFCI. (aka ground fault )

Can I cancel my rental?
If you cancel your single bouncer rental at least 7 days prior to the reservation date your deposit less a $25 booking fee will be refunded or applied to another day. Items with a rental value over $200 (non designer or value line bouncer items) and multiple item rentals must be canceled at least 14 days prior to the event to avoid loss of deposit, a $25 booking fee will be deducted from any refunds. Bookings over $999 will forfeit all payments made if not canceled 30 days before the event date. In addition rentals valued at $999 or more will forfeit all payments made if canceled for weather and not rescheduled to take place within 30 days of the original event date. We will transfer deposit to available rain dates(within 30 days)if date is changed before truck loading but no direct refund will be paid. No refund will be given for reservations canceled because you found another vendor and booked with them after booking with us. This applies no matter how much time there is before the rental or if we rent the equipment out again. Weather cancellations will be decided the morning of the rental due to the ever changing weather forecast. Rentals with a value under $999 may cancel or postpone to available date on the day of the event for present or over 60% imminent adverse weather conditions if you and K.E.C. Party Rentals agree that the weather conditions would make it unsafe to operate the equipment. Chance of adverse weather percentage shall be as listed on the web site for the National weather service at the time you speak to the office to cancel. We cannot guarantees that the equipment you want will be available on your planned rain date , we will substitute other equipment if possible. We will check equipment availability once your cancellation or postponement has been decided. You must speak directly to our office to cancel, a message on the voice mail or an email is not acceptable notice of cancellation. If you cancel and a deposit is due to be forfeited and a credit card was used to secure the rental but not yet charged , the deposit will be charged to the card at that time. We will always work with you to move your dates but please understand that if you cancel at the last minute , you have denied us the chance to rent to someone else and we are due the deposit and or payments made.Any rentals booked from a special discount offer and or coupon will be offered store credit only for use up to one year from cancellation date.Mis used , expired , mis applied or any discout applied by customer will not be honored. Discount codes sent to our email list expire as listed in the email and will be removed from orders that they should not apply to.

K.E.C. Party Rentals reserves the right to cancel your reservation at any time without prior notice,without cause. Any item that not a customer pick up item that gets booked as customer pick up through a known glitch in this system will be canceled and any payments refunded. 

How long do I have to send in my deposit?
If you wish to mail in a deposit payment, we will hold your date for four days on verbal order. If we do not receive a deposit by then, the booking will be offered to anyone wishing to rent. You can avoid missing out if you guarantee your deposit with a credit card. Ask for details....

What is the policy in case of rain or high wind?
If the local weather is calling for rain or winds exceeding manufacture guidelines or 25 mph on your reserved day and both you AND K E C Party Rentals agree BEFORE the delivery truck leaves the warehouse that it may be unsafe to use the equipment than your deposit can be applied to another day or refunded. Please be advised that if your planned rain date falls on a day that we are 100% booked, than we will not be able to accommodate your date and your deposit will be refunded. We can not guarantees that the equipment you want will be available on your planned rain date , we will substitute other equipment if possible. We will check equipment availability once your cancellation or postponement has been decided. Rentals valued at $999 or more will forfeit their deposit if canceled for weather and not rescheduled to take place within 30 days of the original event date. ( See can I cancel my rental question above for details)
If the non water inflatable unit gets wet everyone should exit the unit until the rain stops and it is dried off. THE NON WATER INFLATABLE MUST NOT BE USED WHEN WET or WHEN WINDS ARE 25 MPH OR MORE or exceed manufacture guidelines. The unit can become very slippery and dangerous; once the rain stops you can dry the unit with your towels. Once dry the unit should be once again be safe to use.

.Am I guaranteed the exact unit I booked?
If the unit you booked(reserved) is not available due to loss, theft,damage,condition or other reason , we reserve the right to substitute an item of equal or greater value that is similar in its intended use as the booked unit. Example: if you wanted a bouncer and it is damaged at another rental and we can not repair it, we reserve the right to bring you another bouncer of equal or greater rental value. If nothing similar is available , we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

Can a Bounce House/inflatable be set up indoors?
Yes, our units can be set up inside or outside. You will need to have enough ceiling height to accommodate the unit.
Some units are 17 ft and over. Our smallest needs 8' clearance. The units must not be too near any hot lights, vents or any other fire hazard. Many commercial halls etc. will do just fine. Customer is responsible to ensure inflatable will fit. If unit does not fit once we arrive payment is due in full. Customer pick up program inflatables may not be set up inside, grass only.

Can a Bounce House /inflatable be set up on pavement?
Yes, most of the time as long as the area is level and free of obstructions. Please let us know ahead so that we can bring along our sand bag anchoring system. If we are not informed ahead of time we will most likely not be prepared for pavement. Slides used outside must be staked into the ground,  no pavement or sand bag set ups
An additional charge may apply please ask for details. Customer pick up program units may NOT be set up on hard surfaces.

Can I set up the bounce near my pool , pond or other water?
No. All inflatables must be set up a safe distance away from a pool or water front.

Can I pick up the bouncer and set it up myself to cut costs?
Safety is our number one concern. Some companies will allow the home owner to pick up & set up all their units, we do not feel that it is a good idea. We have developed a training program for renters that will allow for customer pick up of a select few smaller items under strict guidelines. For all other inflatable rentals our set up personnel will evaluate the set up area, use the correct size & type of power cords and make the all important connections between the blower & inflatable unit. They will use the proper straps and spikes to secure the bouncer to the ground. Most home owners do not have the experience to notice any safety issues before they arise. Our price to you will include local delivery, setup and tear down. - No hidden costs!

Will I be required to sign a rental agreement?
Yes , all customers will be required to read and sign a rental agreement that spells out the terms of the rental and contains vital information on the safety and installation of the equipment.Our Rental Agreement is only available in English, therefore all renters must be able to read, write and understand the English language. It shall not be the responsibility of K.E.C. Party Rentals to ensure the person signing meets the requirements listed above.Do not alter any part of the rental agreement you are presented with as any changes are not valid. We are unable to indemnify you or your organization through secondary agreements or amendments to our contract.

Are there rules or restrictions on deliveries and set up locations?
1. We can not push our inflatables up steep hills at the delivery or the pick up. If your location has a steep or large hill there may be an extra charge unless you provide the extra man power to traverse the hill. It is your responsibility to inform us of any steep inclines at the time the reservation is made.
2. We will not allow our delivery crew to set up in any location that is not listed on your rental agreement or any location that the crew deems unsafe for your rental or the physical safety of the delivery crew and equipment.
3. We will not allow the delivery crew to set up at any location that illegal activity is witnessed whether or not you are the person conducting the illegal activity.
4. We may not set up at multifamily complexes unless written approval is received from the complex owner and we pre approve the location for safety of the equipment, users and delivery crew.
5. The customer is responsible to mark all sprinkler lines and call dig safe if required by law. K.E.C. Party Rentals per our rental agreement will not be liable for damage to underground sprinklers or utility lines.
6. Customer pick up program units must be set up on grass only and adhere to all requirements of the customer pick up program as outlined on our web site.
7. There are several rules that pertain to setting up in safe areas as defined by law and industry standards . All rules and regulations must be followed at all set ups.
8. The delivery and set up personnel will determine if the location you choose is suitable. Delivery and set up personnel
may at their discretion change your set up location for safety and other reasons.

What Time will the delivery crew arrive to set up my equipment? What time will they pick up the equipment?
We may arrive as early as 7 am and as late as 15-20 min before your rental start time and be considered on time. Someone legally responsible must be at the address to accept delivery and pay any balance due in cash. If no one is home we may not be able to return and the rental fee is due in full. We will pick up sometime after the listed time on your rental agreement. You are responsible for the equipment until we pick up. Please refer to the sample rental agreement as listed above.


Q: Are we responsible for the unit if it gets a tear or damaged in any way?

A: Yes and no.  You are not responsible for normal wear and tear on our units.  Seams may develop tears in high traffic areas over a period of time.  If this happens please alert us at once so we can remedy the situation.  If however, damage occurs due to failure to follow our safety rules or negligence (i.e. not turning off the blower in high winds) you will be responsible for all damages up to and including replacement of the unit/blower etc which can cost thousands of dollars.  We don´t want you or us to be in that situation which is why we have you sign  all of our safety rules so that you can be the trained operator.

•  Do I have to pay extra for more than 6 hours for my full day rental?
We never charge extra for additional hours. The 6 hour rental time frame is a guideline . We like to pick up the full day rentals before dark but special arrangements can be made at the time of booking for odd time pick ups if the equipment is available and located in a safe area. Our competition has been claiming that we hold you to six hours and wont budge, Our long time customers know that we always work with you to make your party convenient for you. 6,7,8 hours or more no extra charge. This is just one reason that we are the number 1 inflatable rental company in western Massachusetts!

  •   What is the Best Price Guarantee?
We will meet or beat any legally licensed competitors verifiable price in our local area. Customer must make us away of the lower price at the time of booking.

**** Refund Policy for anything booked on sale , with coupons or from our specials web page .IE Any discounted pricing.
         Any discounted orders of any kind are  eligible for store credit only and that is if if they qualify for any reund/credit of funds as per the  refund policy above


We reserve the right to change any and all information , policies and procedures without notice.
We also reserve the right to cancel your reservation without notice and or without cause. Feel confident that we will do what ever we can to fulfill your order but there are times that circumstances prevent us form doing so

Still have a question? Call or Write: info@kecparty.com  413-525-6532

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* Let us know at the time of booking that another local vendor has a like item at a verifiable  better price and we will meet or beat that price in our local area. This does not apply to groupon or similar lost leader discount program prices. Massachusetts inflatable rentals must be from a legally permitted vendor with amusement device permit from the MA DPS as required by law.We service Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut including Springfield, East Longmeadow, Longmeadow ,Hampden, Enfield, East Windsor, Somers, Ellington Wilbraham, Chicopee, Agawam, Holyoke , Vernon , Rockville,Manchester and more. 
In Massachusetts we frequent Springfield, Agawam, West Springfield, Westfield, Chicopee, Holyoke, Palmer, Hampden, Westfield, Wilbraham, South Hadley, Granby, Monson East Longmeadow, Longmeadow, Feeding Hills, East Hampton and Southwick. In Connecticut ,East Windsor, South Windsor, Enfield, Hazardville, Broad Brook, Granby, East Granby, West Granby ,Suffield, West Suffield ,Simsbury, Windsor, Windsor Locks, South Windsor, Hartford, Somers and Ellington., East Hartford, West Hartford, Stafford , Vernon, Manchester, Tolland and Glastonbury . DONT SEE YOUR TOWN? call or email us info@kecparty.com . If you have ever asked: Where can I rent a bounce house near me? You have found the answer! We rent bouners , bounce abouts , moonwalks, air castles , jumping castles and more in Masachusetts and Connecticut!





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